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Mortal Love [english original version]

Lev, the bassplayer of Mortal Love, answeared some questions concerning the new album "I have lost..." and some others things, to our editor Nathalie Mohr by e-mail.

But have a look yourself...

Mortal Love Hi, thank you for taking time answering some questions. Would you mind to introduce the band to the people who don't know you?
Well...we’re Damous, Lev, Rain6, Gabriah, Cat and Mulciber. It started as a project (Damous and me) late 2000. We brought in Cat, Rain6, Gabriah pretty early, and became a band on our first rehearsal. We knew them all from bands and projects we’ve done earlier. They went right into Mortal Love and it became just what we all wanted. Then we started working on the demo for “ATB”. We went into Space Valley studios to record it, and posted it to some record companies. Massacre was the most interesting label to contact us. We signed a 5 cd deal, and went back into the studio to record the final “ATB”(All the Beauty..., comment of the editor). Then it got massive press feedback from the beginning. Really blew us away. One thing leads to the other, and we found ourselves doing some gigs in Budapest, Osijek etc etc. Then we started to write stuff to a new album. Went into Space Valley again in the summer of 2004 and recorded “IHL” (I have lost..., comment of the editor). The interest from Massacre increased when they heard the first takes, and they decided to put out a single and a video. (Adoration). We mixed IHL in Germany, and then released IHL in April 2005. During that last period we started looking for a man to solve our Keyboard-problem. Having used our producer Zet (from Ram-zet) on both albums and live, he told us he would not take the risk anymore, because Ram-zet and Space Valley studio was taking too much time as it was. We contacted a couple of people. Rehearsed a couple of times with Mulciber, and both musically and as a member of our little society he was perfect

Who came up with the idea of your band name? Which meaning does it have for you?
We were writing the story and the name Mortal Love came up in the story, and we just looked at each other and said: „That’s us“ „We’re Mortal Love“ It kind of fits the whole story, the band and the concept quite well.

Let's come to your new Album „I have lost...“.
It's a concept album like the last one „All the Beauty...“. Why did you only record concept albums so far?
Because the story is so long. It had to be told over several periods. I think it shines trough more on ATB, than on IHL. Maybe because the songs are attached to each other physically on ATB.
It’s another part of the story this time, which covers moods, and losses. A mind in chaos, and therefore we decided not to link the songs as they covers so different moods.

The cover artwork of the album includes – as the last one – a picture of Cat. Do you define the band and the music with her?
When you have a good-looking female vocalist, it’s natural for us to use her as a front person. It fits the genre, and I think we kind of make our own signature on our album by using her. It would be wrong to change that now, as it is a sequel. The albums connect pretty close, and I think one have to stay focused on what we have started.

The album is a depressive one. Do you like this mood? Which message do you want to bring to the listener?
It’s like this for us: When we’re in that kind of mood, we create a lot of art, lyrics, songs and so on. To speak for myself I’m hardly writing anything when I’m happy and without concerns. The story we tell (a true one) is not happy at all, and we have to transform these moods into music and lyrics. I like to think that maybe this is our way to deal with these feelings. As far as the message to the listeners…I hope we can help to understand that you’re not alone with these feelings. As love/hate is a topic most people have experienced at some stage, listeners can relate to the songs, and what we are expressing.

Mortal Love Do you handle with personal stuff in the lyrics?
Of course. Like I said above, this is a story that we relate to strongly. All in the band have been in equal situations, and therefore there’s always a personal thing behind all this. We make music cause we like it, and the more you relate to your music the more important it becomes to you. Hope this also shines trough on stage.

How would you describe your music to an alien?
1-0-0-1-0-0-1 SOS……….
Do you have special idols?
For me personally it’s a lot of people. Not only musicians. But I’ll try to give you some: Jeff Buckley, Neil Peart, Jesus Christ (the person) and the people out there who’s trying to make world a better place.

Do they influence your music?
Hmmmm well the two first ones surely have been important to me musically. The way I think music will never be the same after hearing those guys. For Jesus, I hope that the part of him that treasured honesty has influenced the way I want music to be.

How do you handle comparisons with other bands that do a mixture of Gothic and Metal?
To be honest I’m not that into Goth/metal myself.
I love it when we are compared with bands like: The Gathering, Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania, Lacuna Coil. I like great music whatever label you put on it. A good song is a good song whether it’s Elvis Costello or Dimmu Borgir. I have so many different types of music in my cd shelf, that you wouldn’t believe it. Some of it is crap, but mostly I can take out any cd and find great songs, and great lyrics that I love. Right now I’m waiting for the new “30 Seconds to Mars” album to come out. That is music I just can’t stop listening to.

Do you have special memories or connections to any songs (own or others)?
Very often a song creates memories of a journey, a mood, a film, people, nature and so on. Especially when I listen to a cd I haven’t played for a long time these pictures seems to pup in my head. The cd: Brave from Marillion always will remind me of reading LOTR back in 1997. I had to listen to that cd when I read the book….don‘t know why. You can imagine how many times I’ve played that cd……
Our own songs have to be the depressive “Identity”. I have to pinch myself not to cry on the refrain. It’s such a sad melody in the saddest parts of a persons despair.

Mortal Love

Are you religious?
In some way yes, in others no. I think the most important thing is that you have a sense of goodness to strive on to. My opinion of how to live your life is so to make yourself grow and make the people around you grow with you.
If you smile to a person, or just give him/her a positive comment, it means so much to the one in the receiving end, that you wouldn’t believe it. And you didn’t even think about it. So if a good life is a religion…then I’m religious.
I read the bible just too ashore myself that I’ve understood the Jesus Christ person right. He was just a good person with the best intentions. I like to think that he was rather a “guide” to how to live life, not a God.
I’m also open to the things we cannot explain. Paranormal activities and stuff like that. I would be disappointed if humans were the most intelligent life form in the universe!!!

Will there be a promotion-tour?
At this stage it’s hard to say either yes or know…so I’ll have to ask you guys to stay tuned to for further information during the summertime.

What are your plans for future?
To lead a good life, make the greatest album of all times in 2006, and shine for people around me!

What's your attitude towards internetmagazines?
I think they contribute so much for bands like ML to reach every corner of the world. It’s great, and I surely hope the Magazines in the stores get a great competition…cause they need it. We wouldn’t be known in half the countries we are now; if it wasn’t for the internet and the internet-magazines…so thank you all!

Finally some brainstorming:
fans:….the most important thing a band can have. Never ever try to put yourself in a higher place than a fan. And to all ML fans: YOU ARE THE GREATEST. WE TRULY LOVE YOU ALL…and that’s the truth!
books: everything with J. Irwing, Hamsund and of course LOTR
dreams: never let anyone ever tell you that you can’t fulfil your dreams.
love: most beautiful thing on earth, and worst thing ever, if you can’t have it!

Thank you! The last words belong to you!
I just want to say thank you for the interest in Mortal Love. Our gratitude is huge. To our fans that still haven’t picked up the “I Have Lost…” cd, buy it, and give us your opinion on . Feel free to join our forum to discuss ML and other things on your mind.

LOVE _ Lev

interview: Nathalie Mohr
photos: Mortal Lova

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Publiziert am: 2005-05-31 (3900 mal gelesen)

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