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heartbreak radio [English original version]

Refering on the debute album, our editor Nathalie Mohr interviewed Claes Andreasson of heartbreak radio per e-mail.

heartbreak radio
Hi! Thank you for taking the time for this interview. Would you mind introducing the band respective the project?
Of course! The foundation is me Claes Andreasson, Torbjörn Wassenius and Pierre Wensberg.
Then Mikael Erlandsson is involved as singer/songwriter and then we have the musician line up: Mikkey Dee, Joel Starande (Karmar), Magnus Rosen(Hammerfall), TīBell, Tommy Denander, Sayit and few more.

Well, how did you come along doing such a project as heartbreak radio?
We did a lot of AOR in the eighties and always loved the music even if itīs not so big today and after doing the first Last Autumns Dream album we talked about doing something in the vein of Journey.
There is one track on the first LAD album named "I never let you go" and we wanted Heartbreak radio to do something similar.

Why is heartbreak radio only a project with several different musicians and not a band of five to seven root members?
Thatīs because everyone is busy with their original bands however when we are going to play live weīre gonna be 5 guys on stage.

Is there a special meaning behind the name and did you choose it because of a certain connection to your music?
Yeah, we wanted people to reflect to Airplay and Journeys masterpiece "Raised on radio".
Then we thought it would be great to do the album like an radioshow īcause then we could do some different kinds of styles of Aor.

heartbreak radio

Are there any favorite bands or idols that have influenced you?
Journey and Airplay as mentioned but also Whitesnake, Bad English among others.

How do you approach the songwriting-process? Were there only Torbjörn Wassenius and Claes Andreasson to write the songs or did you work together with the musicians?
Most of the songs is written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius however 2 songs are co-written by Tommy Denander and then we got a track from the TīBell team which are old friends.

Is there any personally related stuff influencing the lyrics?
We mostly write about love but the last song on the album "The way of the world" is about the fact that the human being not can live in peace.

What can one expect of heartbreak radio on stage?

You can expect that it will sound as good as on the records and that it will be rockers as well as the slow/slick stuff.

Will there be a promotion tour? If yes, which musicians will play there?
We talk about doing a promotour after the next album and I donīt know yet how the band will come out.

Everyone wants to play live but there is a lot of things that must work out.

heartbreak radio
What are your plans for the future?
We are currently writing songs for next LAD album and this time we will produce it as well
(Like we did with the first one).
Then we want to start doing the next Heartbreak album.
Most of the songs are already written and I think itīs gonna be even better than the first one.
Then we have a good rockact called "Soap Rocket" with leadsinger Magnus Weidenmo from Spin Gallery in pipeline that weīll hope you will hear from.

Would you ever like to record a concept album or would you say heartbreak radio already is one?
I think itīs sort of a conceptalbum, the fact that we mix the styles but regarding the lyrics itīs not that way but maybe we will do that in the future.

What is your attitude towards internet magazines like
I think they are great, itīs so nice to check out whatīs happening out

Finally some brainstorming:
fans: We want to have a lot of them!
beer: Staropramen is one we love
festivals: Sweden Rock is great
USA: The music rocks but the politics sucks.

Thank you very much for your time. The last words are yours.
I hope you stay tuned for more Heartbreak radio!

Best / Claes

fotos and cover: heartbreak radio
interview: Nathalie Mohr

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Publiziert am: 2005-04-16 (3549 mal gelesen)

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