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Angtoria [english]
Mai 2006

After the great debut of a special type of music, which got the title CD-tip of the week, of course there must have been an interviews.
Tommy and Chris anweared the questions of our editor Nathalie Mohr by e-mail.

Angtoria Would you mind to introduce Angtoria to the readers? How did the idea of this project come up in general?
Chris: Angtoria is a result of another project between Sarah and me. When we first met and became friends we both had ideas about working with a completely orchestral film score type project with vocals. We´d both been doing metal for so many years that we felt we wanted to do something a bit different, so we simply decided to do such a project.
We recorded a demo at Tommys studio which we sent out to record labels, but since all our combined connections lay within the metal scene, all lables we turned to thought the project was great, but they didn´t have the right channels to sell and market this type of music. They all said to put guitars and drums on the songs, and it would be a different story. But our whole point with that project was for it to be totally orchestral, without guitars or drums.
So when trying to find a label interested in that project, we simply decided to start a new project, a band in the same orchestral type atmosphere and ideas, but with guitars and drums and with a proper line up to be able to tour etc. I asked my brother Tommy to join, and Angtoria was born...

Angtoria Does the name Angtoria have a special meaning?
Tommy: The name is originally a songtitle from my former band Moahni Moahna´s second album WHY. It means something like “nirvana”. It is he first half of my and Chris Mother´s name and the second half of our sisters,really practical when it comes to googlesearch. Every hit is about us.

Will you continue Angtoria in near future or is it just meant as a single-shot?
Chris: Angtoria is our main priority at this stage, and we focus 110% of our attention on Angtoria. We hope to be able to be around for many years to come and release albums and tour as much as possible with Angtoria. We are very devoted and our intentions are to be able to do all this, but whether or not it will happen is up to the general audience basically, if they like us and our music enough to keep us going. But if we get the support to continue making albums and to go on tours etc. we will most defintely be around for a very long time with Angtoria.

Angtoria Who did the coverartwork and why did you choose this type of artwork which makes one think of a completely different genre?
Chris: I´ve done all the artwork for the album, and I did the cover in collaboration with Sarahs´ thoughts with the meaning of the album title.
The concept for the album cover is simply to visualize the title of the album and what the title track is about and try to get that in to an image that will effect people in some way. The album title “God Has A Plan For Us All” (also the title track) is about a five year old girl who gets sexually abused by a priest, and how that priest hides behind the cliché words “it was gods will” to justify such an unhuman an cruel act. The song also covers how the abuse leads to the total destruction of the poor child as she grows up, as is so often the case in real life. She cuts herself and abuses herself with drugs to try and get rid of the mental pain, and ultimately leads to her taking her own life due to the shame and disgrace and mental torture the abuse has given her throughout her entire life.
The cover is very graphic simply because I mean to show how serious such an act towards a child is, and how that destroys the person through their entire life, both physically and mentally, many times ending with suicide.. So the cover is a way of showing that seriousness but in one image, what it does to a person and how serious it actually is.. It has nothing to do with any type of musical style or something like that. Look at the cover - read the title of the album - read the lyrics (I didn't have any booklet, comment of the editor) and listen to the song and you´ll understand the purpose of the cover.

Who writes the lyrics and what is the intention of them?
Chris: Sarah writes all the lyrics for Angtoria, and the intention of the title is simply to show the hypocrisy in the words “God Has A Plan For Us All” that basically every religion and religous person so cowardly hides behind to justify their actions.

Are the strings in the songs "real" or computer-genereated?
Tommy: On this album we didn´t have the budget for real orchestra instruments. We have used sampled ones. Real good samples though. Hopefully we will be able to involve some real ones on the next album. Sounds so much better you know...

Angtoria How were the pressreactions in general?

Tommy: They have been great so far. 4/5 in Kerrang, Album of the month in Metal Hammer Spain and in Flash Mag Italy. BW/BK in Canada is doing something great also in the next issue I´ve heard. Just to mention a few. A lot of great reviews and interviews in webmags aswell.
Hopefully we will gain some interest by this from metalheads out there.

Will there be a tour?
Chris: Our intentions are to be able to tour as soon as possible. We are willing and able to do so, but whether or not that will be a possibility for us is basically up to the audience, if they support us enough by purchasing our album and giving us the attention required for us to be able to get the opportunity to play live.

Would you like to do a soundtrack for a movie?
Chris: Yes, of course! That´s one of my highest personal dreams, to be able to work with music for movies, tv and video games etc. Film score music is my personal preference when it comes to music, and to own a good studio together with my brother Tommy equipt for handling writing music for movies is one of my highest dreams..

What are your personal favorite bands?
Tommy: I mostly like great composers and compositions (Filmscore,Musicals,Classical) not Bands but o.k here are a few I listen to and enjoy from time to time.
Rainbow, Deep Purple, Soilwork, Black Sabbath, Kansas, Dio, Jorn Lande, Yngwie Malmsteen, Within Temptation, Apocalyptica, Clawfinger, Iron Maiden...

Angtoria What do you think about the internet, internetmagazines and so on?
Tommy: I think the Internet holds a great opportunity for independent bands to get their music out.
internetmags have helped us alot with their support both before and after we got signed. I don´t think we would have come this far already without either of them. Big thanks to all you guys. If someone want to support us further,Join angtoria at become a friend and spread the word.

Finally some brainstorming:

  • world cup:
    Chris: Totally uninterested.
    Tommy: If it contains coffee....The cup I mean....??

  • summer:
    Chris: Wish it could last forever! Totally hate winter, snow and cold. Hope to get rich one day so I can buy a house some place warm where I can spend the 6 cold and snowy swedish months, and spend the 6 good months here in Sundsvall, Sweden ?
    Tommy: Always to short in Sweden

  • lord of the rings:
    Chris: One of the best movie series (Why does everyone think of the movies and not of the books?, comment of the editior) ever done in all aspects, along with one of the absolute best film scores ever done! Can´t do much but bow down and show apprecation for a masterpiece in all aspects. Would have given anything to be able to participate during the writing and recording of the film score with Howard Shore..
    Tommy: I totally agree with my brother. It is also my son Kevins favourite Film and Score, all alongside John Williams score for the Star Wars movies.

Thank you! The final words belong to you!
Tommy: If you Download ANGTORIA and like us, Please buy the album. That way we can make more albums you probably will like aswell.

interview: Nathalie Mohr
photos: Angtoria

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